Paratus Training was founded in January 2013 by Rob Holcombe.

The organization is named in honor of Rob's grandfather, a US Army Captain and WWII combat veteran who was also an excellent mentor and whose unit motto was Paratus (Latin for "Ready, Prepared, Skilled"). We provide training for all skill levels and weapons platforms including archery.

Our methodology is based on Col. Jeff Coopers' Combat Triad of Marksmanship-Manipulations-Mindset and applies that to all practical applications of firearms. Our mission is to promote the fundamentals of shooting and the need for relentless adherence to safety.

Our staff is dedicated to providing the most modern techniques available in a friendly and professional manner.  Each of our instructing members trains a minimum of six to eight hours per week shooting approximately 200-300 rounds of ammunition per session to maintain proficiency in all firearms platforms. 

We offer private training as well as group training, team building, and special events.  We can create a course outline that meets your exact needs.

Since the formation of Paratus Training LLC in 2013 we have had the pleasure of providing over 1,000 hours of training to hundreds of satisfied clients.  

References are available upon request.

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NRA Instructor Plus Insurance Coverage #121218432 (1 million individual / 2 million aggregate)

NRA Certifications

  • Range Safety Officer
  • Pistol Instructor
  • Rifle Instructor
  • Shotgun Instructor
  • Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home

Advanced Training Course Completions

  • Adaptive Handgun / Carbine 01, 24 hours, Travis Haley, HSP LLC
  • Disruptive Environments, Handgun / Carbine Darkness / Vehicle, 24 hours, Travis Haley, HSP LLC
  • Carbine Employment 02, 24 hours, Chris Costa, Costa Ludus
  • 2-Day Advanced Pistol, 16 hours, Mike Pannone, CTT Solutions
  • 2-Day Advanced Pistol / Carbine Urban Street / Vehicle Personal Security, 16 hours, Mike Pannone, CTT Solutions
  • 2-Day Performance Pistol, 16 hours, Frank Proctor, Way of the Gun
  • 2-Day Advanced Pistol / Carbine Darkness,  16 hours, Frank Proctor, Way of the Gun
  • 2-Day Advanced Performance Pistol Process, 16 hours, Frank Proctor, Way of the Gun
  • Private Instruction, 8 hours, Robert Vogel, 5x World IDPA Champion
  • TYR Medicine, Combat Medical Course, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, 16 hours 
  • Advanced Pistol / Carbine Training, 10 hours, Active Duty Santa Maria Police Department Officer
  • Utah Concealed Weapon Permit, 8 hours 
  • SBCounty CCW Approved Vendor Training, 16 hours

Additional Credentials

  • WCGC Match Director; IDPA and 3GUN Competitions, 2011-Current
  • WCGC Range Supervisor, Training and Events Coordinator, 2014-Current