Rob Holcombe

Rob Holcombe is a competitive shooter and outdoor instructor with over 25 years of experience. Rob has received advanced training from the most respected firearms instructors in the country including Travis Haley, Chris Costa, Mike Pannone, Pat McNamara, Frank Proctor, and Robert Vogel. His training has covered all weapons platforms including disruptive environments, vehicles, night operations, team tactics, and competitive formats.  As of 2016 Rob has received over 250 hours of professional advanced firearms training.

Rob is also a dedicated martial artist. Since 2005, Rob has consistently trained Kenpo at the Wu Shu Studio in Santa Barbara California.

Rob’s Certifications, Credentials, and Course Completions


Chris Comfort

With over thirty-two years of combined experience in High Risk Security, Law Enforcement, SERT leader and trainer, SWAT operator, and Close/Force Protection operator and trainer. I have developed and employed many skills and attributes that have enabled me to effectively instruct and deliver positive results associated with the subject matter as well as supervising.

During my time working abroad I have held the positions of Director of Training for Special Operations, Detail Leader, Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader Close Protection Operator, and Force Protection Operator (All of these positions rate at a GS-13 to GS-15 and higher regarding the pay grade). My duties have ranged from training, to managing close protection academy course and directly supervising, and commanding large teams, all assignments and details which include scheduling and coordinating team assignments and subject material. I conducted and supervised route and site reconnaissance on high-risk protective details as well as been responsible for the dissemination of information through briefings with Command Staff and operational personnel in both Military and Civilian areas of operation. Often the recipients of these briefings were foreign as well as host country nationals this subject material was also tough in the academy courses.

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Trent Griswold

For some, shooting is in their blood. Trent Griswold grew up immersed in precision shooting. The son of a Marine Scout Sniper, and a 35-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, his passion for taking the long shot developed at a young age. 

In 2002, Trent started his journey into defensive firearms to round out his skill set. With his expertise, he was contacted to be a resident consultant and on-camera expert for the show, Top Shot on the History Channel.  

Diving deeper into the science behind long range shooting, Trent received Associate of Science degrees in both Gunsmithing and Firearms Design from Lassen College. He now operates Griswold Brothers Gunsmithing. Specializing in the design and manufacture of precision rifles. Whether it’s defensive shooting or stretching it out past 1000 yards, Trent can get you there!